Inspection Team came back Successfully
DATE:2011-11-22  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:2472
In order to improve the quality of complementary products, ensure our company have a stable market in oil filter industry, our company specially organized a inspection team by the supply department, production department, technical department, led in person by whom the vice president, went to Shanghai, Jiangsu , Zhejiang, Hebei and other places to site visits. Through communicating with the supply company, not only for our hardware partners have more and more in exchange of learning to their exquisite technology and strict management, and aggressive at work, keep realistic and innovative concept. Inspection team back to the essence, for our company development  which had laid a more solid foundation.
Although it is getting cold in November, our inspection team's hearts are nice and warm. In a busy production environment, specially arranged time, to provide favorable environment for them to go on business trips, but their hearts to a think, an effort to make, just making use of one week, they back to the great "wealth" for company.
In future work, we should pay more attention to communicate with the  advanced companies to got essence, abandoned its dross, so as to enhance product quality, make our company get more thriving, truly become the mainstay of the industry!

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