Best Wishes for All ZHONGNENG Staff
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All staff of ZHONGNENG company:

October autumn,let us cherish a feeling of excitement and joy to meet the great motherland arrival of 62-year-old birthday, the whole country celebrating this day, our company leader have extended holiday greetings and sincere best wishes for working in various sectors of company employees. Carried out a series of changes to the company by everyone's support and efforts,finally completed successfully. But we also should realize that our professional qualities and skills are still required development from the final distance, our dedication and professional attitude is still far away from the company's requirements. Between the cadres and staff are still not enough sense of responsibility, they mutually lack of effective communication and exchange. The company will further rectify the work style, improve quality and efficiency, so as to play a pillar of strength.

Every employee is interested in the fate of the company, we would like to see more and better ways for its development, to contribute! We have a brilliant yesterday, tomorrow will be even more full of vitality and hope, and now we are faced with new situations and new tasks, we only bold reforms, dare to blaze new trails,thus our company become more and more better. We have reason to believe that zhongneng company by our joint efforts, overcome all difficulties, as a starting point, opened a new chapter of development and achieve new historic leap forward with the times, create brilliant!
 Cool autumn wind against the window, at the moment all employees are very excited and happy, may employees' holidays happy and bring their family good wishes!
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