team spirit
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It's proved that in this world, the power of any one person is small, only part of a team, only with the team struggling, you only realize the maximization of personal values, you can come true your remarkable achievements!Team is to achieve a common goal and set up a group, need is a heart like, an effort to make one; is needed is a coordinated, complementary; need is unity, friendship, care to help; need is through thick and thin, thick and thin!Want to be a great person, alone his own alone, alone, it is impossible to National Cheng Kung University climate.You have to integrate into the team, you must be with the team's power.Harmony with the secret team: respect for others, concern for others, help others, certain others, praising others, learn from others, thanksful people!
The relationship between the individual and the team is mutual, interdependent.Some time ago on a small team of individuals who do not put the interests of the company and looked down on most people's behavior is wrong, can only be eliminated by development of the company.In the corporate team, the interests of any member of staff and others are bundled together to help others is a powerful themselves, helping others is helping yourself, others I did not get lost in.Each team in the collective enterprises, a division of labor and cooperation need to coordinate work teams, for a common goal.
Something always turn to the team staff to obtain guidance and support.At the same time we interact with others and become a member of the team and get a sense of security.Team also gives us a sense of belonging.One day points during the day and night, night in their small home, with sleep time.And indeed during the day we spent at work, so this is our second family can not be ignored.For everyone, work teams are quite the friendship and help to meet our social needs.So let me understand this, I am not just my own, their own small home, it is part of our team is our people, however my own is inseparable from the team.It is believed that "Union is strength," "A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong"
Let us focus on Manager Zeng's order to have overall leadership of the Zhongneng companies around, do not hit any force a cross, hit can not be brought down in the team.
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