Mid-Autumn Festival
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The Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual tradition, zhongneng leaders wish all colleagues and their families have a happy holiday, happiness, health and good luck in that beautiful moment that enjoy the moon happily together again.

"Above the sea,the moon shines bright; and everywhere in the world, people celebrate this moment in solemn deligh" Mid-Autumn Festival, a warm reunion of the good old days, a wine of poetry were to invite the moon to celebrate the Chinese traditional virtues of the scenery through the ages!
The energy company is concerned about the emotional needs of employees, creating a "sound to stay several Sheng Long Yuet, Wanjia Shaw Band Mid-Autumn Festival," the happy scene.Company is a big family, to celebrate our traditional Chinese culture, enhance cohesion and employees the feeling of belonging, to better reflect the harmony of our family-like atmosphere, the company union system, the delicious moon cake specific issued to the company employees, and inMid-Autumn Festival Eve dinner and other activities held in the staff to thank employees and their families on the company can support and cooperation.Better reflect the harmony of our family-like atmosphere, to achieve a peaceful and friendly spirit of brotherhood and better promote enterprise development.Dinner events are also a lot of programs do add to the fun, such as: drum transfer flowers, taste the moon cake, song and dance, etc., show climaxes.Closer to the event staff and employees, the distance between employees and enterprises.Mid-Autumn Festival activities  ended in a  peaceful atmosphere.

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