Energy conservation efforts to save start out small
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 Energy conservation efforts to save start out small.Further improve the energy saving and consumption reduction measures, the savings per drop, per kilowatt, the little things for each paper, will serve as a major task, focusing on resource recycling, and gradually form an "all about energy, everywhere wasenergy-saving "a good situation.First, waste paper collection, requiring cleaner to the dustbin waste collection, waste paper regularly sold to scrap the acquisition department.The second is to enhance utilization of office supplies, try to print double-sided paper, a pen core does not change as much as possible for pens, writing paper, filled as much as possible and then throw.Only one side of paper printed on the back can also receive fax or scratch.The third is to save water, toilet water to be ready to open in time off.How much water to drink how much to take.Fourth, previous work to develop the habit of looking back to see the office lights, air conditioning, water dispenser, the computer is off, to develop awareness of energy conservation.Fifth, energy saving in the prominently display posters.   
The benefits of energy conservation efforts to save not only save money, energy.Training staff, improving staff quality, strengthen the work style, these goals are in the energy saving work to a certain degree of realization. 
 Energy conservation efforts to save, it not only needs to rely on the staff  also achieves universal participation.
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