Receiving the cool and refreshing in such a hot day makes both of us feel warm in heart
DATE:2011-7-29  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:1905
Enter into July, Chongqing high-temperature is still continuous , and the whole mountain city is suffering the torment of hot temperature.To increase agonists, Zhongneng company Production Department of front-line staff is still tenaciously fighting the heat, under the high-temperature,they worked at the production line for the full completion of the annual goal courageously fighting. so we should learn their spirit . under high temperature, we should do a better job in summer labour security work to ensure the health and safety of workers, our leader cared about front-line workers , was recently officially holded "free cooling" activities.
  On July 25, there were 28 districts and counties of Chongqing were so hot,in some areas even exceeded 40 degrees .In this critical moment, Zengfan Tian , a general manager ,of the Office, Youth League secretary, union president accompanied by the intense summer heat to the plant again condolences to the fighting front -line -staff at a high temperature, and he released of the soft drinks and heatstroke group of drugs again.Employees were deeply moved, and said that some care would be organized into motivation for doing all the company's development!
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