Youth Corps Committee launches the rich group knitted work
DATE:2011-5-27  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:2575
In order to bring honor to 5.4 spirits, the rich group regular activities, the enhancement group's cohesive force, arouses the staff enthusiasm, can the company youth corps cell organize the member on May 20 to arrive at the pink clouds lake park, has launched an entirely new sports athletics competition. May enjoy the nature not only in here everybody the happy scenery, but may also display oneself manager freely, as soon as ordinary day in all haze along with the ping pong, the badminton dance in the air sweep, but clear. In the competition on everybody face is brimming with relaxed, the joyful smiling face, in the life and the work the tense mood is already nothing left. The entire activity has obtained the complete success in everybody's happy talks and laughter’s. 

This activity has not only enriched the company member youth's extra-curricular cultural life, lets everybody feel the collective warm and the strength, also strengthened the member youth's sense of responsibility, the sense of mission, stimulates to love the hillock professional work enthusiasm, simultaneously also strengthened the team cohesive force, unfolds the company member youth lively upward spiritual outlook.


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