Zhongneng Keeps Production in Blazing Hot May of Chongqing
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May the mountain city of Chongqing has long been hot, even the clear high-temperature almost equal to 40 degrees Celsius, the recent period, the observatory has continuously published several high-temperature warning, some areas exceeded the historical temperature record straight, electricity load continued to rise, the policy has continued power rationing .
    High-temperature side is abnormal, one side is limited to power problems, the hotshots withstand the dual pressures, tenacious struggle in adversity. General Manager of military origin of Zengfan Tian performance in this fight especially calm, reasonable arrangement, flexibility, and lead in the capable and the "high temperature" and "electricity shortage," launched a special battle. He has repeatedly asked us indifferent performance in the face of difficulties, pointed out that "the nettle, you weak it strong, you weak it strong."
     In the summer before, in the hundreds of employees rose to the challenge to the company, continued to struggle. In this critical period of considerable challenge, thinking of all cadres of staff in place, the action in place, to carry forward the big eat large hard labor to overcome problems of resistance to the fighting spirit, one by one at daggers drawn, with the desire limit in stature, adhere to the "everything" belief, overcome difficulties with the ecstasy of passion, hard work, in order to achieve the production of safe operation, ensure that the products of normal delivery.

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