Chongqing power shortage power shortage Greater resistance to full
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Since the beginning of summer, the city's power supply is tight, City Power Supply Bureau for the implementation of some parts of the sub-period power rationing measures to ensure that residential electricity. Can be produced in the workshop just at the limit of power the hardest hit, Recently the limited power to the company is a big inconvenience.
    As in the overall sales to the chain this year upward trend, a huge production, production of a difficult task, the original self-starting generator sets in the case of the production still feels a bit hard. Efforts to increase production to ensure that limited power in the normal production of products, the company adopted the recommendations of distribution substation: 2 sets of immediate additional 500-600 kW generator.
    At the same time an urgent meeting of the leadership of the company, "unite as one, work together to seize power protection products" rally. At the meeting, general manager made it clear that companies will do their best to clear all obstacles to ensure the production we need, all the staff request to overcome the present difficulties to surmount, strive to complete the work entrusted to the company.

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