Competition of Business Skills Operated by Production Department
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Competition of Business Skills Operated by Zhongneng Company Production Department
ollowing the series of safety-awareness activity, the organization of production to the company union and business skills competitions undertaken by the Department.
    At 14:00 on April 20, athletic competition kicked off the workshop in the company, union leaders arrived at the scene to watch the game as a whole.
    Competition is divided into two parts, theory and practice. Competition in full accordance with the National Skills Competition standards organization, theory test questions used by the Occupational Skill Testing Center of Chongqing Q extracted from the state,
Difficult, new kinds of questions. But only a high degree of difficulty. In theory test site, which for years fought in the production line staff, and now back to returning to the classroom, mute the contest really made a lot of players out of a sweat. Practice
Part, the workers all high morale, and some even sweat. The whole process orderly.
    After some fierce fighting, the welding group, assembling, painting group, polished group, cabinet group, electrical group, testing group were eventually consolidated results Ping Chu, the top three.
    After the game, union leaders, workers and awards to the winners and to the workers at the scene described the purpose of carrying out this activity. Its purpose is through this athletic activities, both for workers to achieve a mutual learning, learn skills, the purpose of letting each group forms
Into an unyielding drive, it will put in to this wave of production to a higher point of the tide ... ...

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