Memory of Revolutionary Martyrs
DATE:2011-4-7  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:1955
Zhongneng People Cherish the Memory of Revolutionary Martyrs on the eve of Chingming Festival

Chingming is a day for memorial in Chinese culture,also a day to show reverence for Revolutionary Martyrs. Never forget the red period of history,and cherish today's happy life,in the early morning of April 2  Zhongneng company's Communist Youth League members performed a memorial service at Geleshan Revolutionary Garden. "Today's China stands proudly in the world. The stable and prosperous society is attribute to the sacrifice of brave revolutionary martyrs ... ... " With the passionate oration, Zhongneng people raised their right arms,saying collective oath: "Inherit the behest of the martyrs, carry forward the revolutionary tradition with fiery youth, building a better China!"

Resonant oath echoing Geleshan, people's memory flashed back to 11.27 a few decades ago ... ... History will not be forgotten, Zhongneng people will always spur ourselves with this history!

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