On "3.15 consumer interests day" Zhongneng promotes green consumption
DATE:2011-3-22  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:2609
"Green consumption" has not came into China for a long time. Many consumers are unfamiliar with it, but  faced with polluted rice, a large number of pesticide spraying vegetables,serious indoor air pollution caused by decoration materials,  and  increasingly severe ecological pollution... ... Zhongneng can no longer remain indifferent to growing interest in the genius of green products, green consumption, green living.
    When the "3.15" Consumer Rights Day is approaching, in addition to adhere to the company is committed to the production of green products, but more is to protect and improve service quality improvement. General Manager Mr. Zeng Fantian in energy in the afternoon of March 14 held an emergency meeting of the Internet require a major overseas during the Area Manager in March, to increase product quality inspections, and strengthen sales service, making customers once select Zhongneng Products, praise Zhongneng forever!

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