Everything is in order after the holiday
DATE:2011-2-25  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:2298
New Year's festival atmosphere has not fully dispersed, and New Year's couplets still exudes a faint scent of ink. Already ahead of the war drums sounded, the clarion call has also been blown in to the ship of the long sailing.
    To ensure the smooth operations after the Festival, in a timely manner to all the departments will hold classes before the class, the Chief regular, full use of their staff in the day, staff will wait for time to mobilize, educate and guide staff to firmly establish the thinking of "safety first, production follow sales" . At present the department has to work properly, sales staff have all been put in place a business trip, workshop has completely restored to pre-holiday state.
    Pay close attention to stand united in the production, stormed the sales, go into the details, the company reveals a tense calm, busy demonstrate robust, hard work is  functional strength!
    What a overwhelming and vital Zhongneng!


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