Zhongneng company's 2010 Chinese New Year Gathering ended with complete success
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The year of powerful tiger has past,and the jade rabbit year is coming ethereally.Farewell to impressive 2010, Chongqing Zhongneng welcomes a promising 2011.

January 31, 2011, the company's annual Spring Gathering was hold in the spacious conference room.

10:30, in cheerful music,after the company and worker-union leaders passed new year gifts to empolyees,the meeting started.
The first speaker is General Manager Mr. Zeng Fantian. Faced of hundreds of employees and their families,he seemed a bit moved,saying: "Today I have to stand throughmy speech, I thank you for this year's hard work,so our company can achieve a sales historic breakthrough, thank you to all staff, thank you all supportive families, let me bow to thank you! "he said. 2010 is a very unusual year, we have firm confidence, and difficulties , withstood all sorts of pressure to overcome the impact of the relocation of many difficulties, and the company's smooth operation, maintained a good momentum of development, has made gratifying achievements. Had always hoped that through the gathering will be, we can make some physical and mental adjustment to lightheartedness and abundant energy to meet the post-holiday work; to relentless passion and an inspiring spirit and meet the challenges of a new year!

Finally, the chief representative of the company wished the staff good health and family happiness in theYear of the Rabbit!

Then union president, League branch secretary, representatives of the employees and their families speeches. Company and union representatives of the families were given a generous gift, by the management.

    After the meeting, all employees and their families together, sharing the company's reunion luncheon. During the banquet they drink and laugh happlily ... ...

    The series of Zhongneng company greetings in 2010 came a successful conclusion.

The new year gift is very heavy but the mood is very good

Chiarman Mr Zeng give best wishes for New Year



Union leader give a speech


Youth League give a speech


Staff representatives give a speech

All people listened carefully

Chairman send gift to staff's family



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