Diesel Shortage
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In October,  "diesel shortage" situation appears at most areas of our country. The survey data show that more than 2,000 private gas stations has closed due to lack of oil in southern China, the most serious area is the east, southwest, and Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan.

Right now the "diesel shortage" is a result of crude oil processing capacity?

Data show that China's total demand of crude oil is about 393 million tons in 2009, of which we produce 189 million tons crude oil annually, imports amounted to 203.8 million tons. However,  China's crude oil primary processing capacity can reach to 477 million tons at the end of 2009,ranking second in the world. The refining capacity has apparently "excess." The past two years, China put into operation and is building up refiners’ refining capacity is more than 5,000 tons; surplus situation of refining capacity is "aggravated."

In fact, the first 10 years of new century, The annual average growth rate of China's oil refining capacity is 6.3%. At present, China has 18 million-ton oil refinery, and the overall refining capacity is 225 million tons, accounting for about half. among Which the top ten refiners can reach to 144.5 million tons of refining capacity. In addition, there are a number of million-ton oil refining bases are being constructed.  the rapid growth refining capacity will provide important protection of China's energy supply and industrial construction.

Where is the way of China's oil refining industry?

China's oil refining industry has experienced from small to big, big to strong development stage, and has made important contributions to China's industrialization and urbanization, an important guarantee for the construction. Looking at the international situation and the development status of China's oil refining industry can be seen, the Chinese refining industry still has many challenges, mainly in the following areas:

The Shortage of petroleum resources at domestic, which restricts the further development of oil refining industry. In 2010, BP statistics show that in China’s oil production is 189 million tons in 2009, down 2.8%, shortage of oil resources become a bottleneck and restrict the development of oil refining industry. At present, China's oil refining industry continues, the overall refining capacity has gradually increased, with the increasing consumption of domestic resources and the competition between oil refining industry, the rise of refinery refining capacity and refining scale, it’s possible to appear the phenomenon "no oil can be refined," in the near future.

For lack of oil resources in China, combined with the difficulty of increasing access to foreign oil, the refining industry will adjust size according to the amount of business needs and market demand, not blind expansion of refining scale. The refinery industry will consider the overall situation and strengthen cooperation and trade management, not to pursue the interests of individual enterprises as the starting point, should coordinate to form a good refining enterprise market competition order, guarantee the smooth operation of the refining industry, and further development.

Refining low-quality crude oil will be a loss of oil refining equipment, increase costs, and lower refining efficiency, hindering the development of enterprises.

At present, oil quality at both domestic and international is declining, Refining the heavy oil, low-grade oil is problem for each refinery , oil refining companies need to reform equipment for the oil refining characteristics, innovate refining process.

Environmental requirements are improving, so there will be more challenges for the oil refining enterprises. With the gradual deepening awareness of low-carbon, the oil will be more high quality requirements, coupled with refinery is a high-polluting industries, thus facing the production of clean oil products and energy saving double pressure.

In order to alleviate environmental pressure, refine higher quality oil, oil refining companies need constant reforming management system, increase international cooperation and the pace of technological innovation, and breakthrough in key technology to improve efficiency, energy conservation, make economic , resources, and environmental coordinated development.


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