ZHONGNENG had the first half Year of 2010 Economic Working Conference and Commendation Meeting
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At 16:30 July 1, 2010, ZHONGNENG’s first half year of 2010 Economic Working Conference and Commendation Meeting began in the conference room. Almost everyone attended this conference, including Company leaders, members in Administration Department, Domestic Sales Department, International Sales Department, Production Department and etc.


In the beginning of the meeting, people who in charges of each department reported principal works in their departments in the first half year. And then General Manager Mr. Fantian Zeng had the important speech.


Mr. Zeng affirmed the hard work of each department, pointed out the situation our company faced and problem existed, and map out the work of second half year. He addressed the mental working principle One Center, Three in Favor of. One Center means company’s benefit is the center of center. ‘Three in favor of’ means in the favor of company’s efficiency, in favor of company’s behavior, in the favor of the unity.


In the end of the meeting, manger Mr. Zeng awarded rewards to Star Employee, Individial Sales Champion and Team Sales Champion. Team Sales Champion are Norhtwest Area and Norhteast Area in domestic market, and Team III in International Sales Department. 5 star employees and 2 Individial Sales Champion.


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