China presses for US help on climate change
DATE:2009-2-7  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:2658
China wants US help rather than complaints on climate change, and could be finding a receptive audience as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton readies to visit Beijing.
With international talks on global warming intensifying this year, China's ambassador here Thursday appealed to US commercial self-interest to assist his government's efforts to combat the problem.

Zhou Wenzhong said China must focus on industrial growth to lift millions of its citizens out of poverty but was not stinting in the global warming fight, outlining a national government plan on efficiency and renewable energy.

And he said China and the United States, the world's two biggest polluters, could profitably work together and set an example for the international community leading up to a December climate meeting in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

"China and the United States have many shared interests and extensive areas for cooperation on energy and climate change," he said at a Brookings Institution forum.

The United States should offer its "advanced technologies and a rich experience in energy efficiency and clean energy" to boost China's own plan, the ambassador said.

"Cooperation between our two countries on energy and environmental issues will enable China to respond to energy and climate change issues more effectively while at the same time offering enormous business opportunities and considerable return to American investors."

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