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Oil purifier also named oil purification, oil recycling, oil filtration, oil regeneration, they are all same meaning. Oil purifier machine is produced for saving the waste oil, reducing the pollution at the beginning. At present, Along with the oil price higher and higher, oil source reducing day by day, Waste oil purification and reusing again because a realistic and economic issue, the company and government would like to invest the money on developing the oil purifier equipment, thus, the oil purifier technology is developing fast, especially, after the oil price reach to 150 USD per barrel, which is just like a catalyst for promoting the oil purifier industry development.


Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is a professional oil purifier manufacturer in China, which established in 1995. Zhongneng company export the various oil purifiers to the worldwide, those machine are working for power station, transformer factory, railway, mine and so on, it makes a big benefit for the buyer, also for the environment.


There are six series oil purifier, including series ZY&ZYD insulating oil purifier, series TY turbine oil purifier, series TYA lubricating oil purification, series TYA-I hydraulic oil treatment, series LYE engine oil recycling machine, and other portable oil purifier. The six series oil purifiers include totally 50 kinds of different oil purifier, they are different function with different working principle. Zhongneng company builds the specially technology department, which not only research and develop the new technology, also solve out the special requirement for the customers. So, we can make sure Zhongneng products can works better in every different environment.


If you are interested in oil purification industry, we warmly welcome to cooperate with you, and build the new era of the oil purification together.
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