Give your helping hand to the disaster area's people
DATE:2008-5-19  FROM:  AUTHOR:  DOWN:2977
May 12 is a harrowing day for Chinese, also for the world people. There was a suddenly 8.0 Ms earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, China, the whole mainland of China can feel the shaking, even in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam can feel the shaking. Until now, there are over thirty thousand person die in this quake, many people are missing, and many people still are buried in the ruins. After the earthquake, Chinese government arrange rescue quickly and effectively, Premier Wen fly to the disaster area, and conduct the rescue directly. The Brave and lovely PLA go to the disaster area speedy in transmodality way.


The rescue is still going on, it has passed a week from the earthquake day, but we still insist on seeking the survivor, we hope we can find more survivors. Let's pray. We believe the alive people from this quake will live more strong, because you are not alone, there are thirteen hundred million Chinese support you. Re-building the homestead, let's lament the dead person,  meanwhile, let's go forward more strong, and give your helping hand to the disaster area's people.

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